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Medical Sex Therapy Specialist

Pamela G. Gaudry, M.D. -  - Gynecologist

The Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine

Pamela G. Gaudry, M.D.

Gynecologist & Certified Menopause Practitioner located in Savannah, GA

Are you no longer in the mood? Is your sex life, or lack thereof, affecting your intimate relationship? Dr. Pamela Gaudry, MD, NCMP, FACOG, at the Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine in Savannah, Georgia, saw a lack of communication between physicians and their patients about sex. To fill that gap, she received additional training to help bring the romance and sex back to relationships to improve both emotional and physical health. For help with the intimacy in your relationship, call the office or book an appointment online.

Medical Sex Therapy

What is medical sex therapy?

Medical sex therapy treats sexual health and function. Dr. Pam combines her knowledge of anatomy and biological changes, along with her specialized training in medical sex therapy, to help you understand why your sexual health may be suffering and works with you to help bring back the spark in your relationship.

Many gynecologists feel comfortable discussing sexual wellness and health, but lack the training to help guide patients through the intimacy and romance that goes with sexual health. Dr. Pam received training in medical sex therapy so she can discuss both the physical and emotional side of sexual wellness.

In addition to medical sex therapy, Dr. Pam also provides marriage counseling to help patients manage the changes that come with menopause and aging.


What can I expect during medical sex therapy?

During medical sex therapy, Dr. Pam gathers information from you to better understand your needs and concerns. Part of this information may include your health and sexual history. She then uses this information to talk to you about what may be causing your concerns.

For example, women going through menopause often lose their desire for intimacy or may find intercourse painful. Dr. Pam discusses both the physical and emotional issues you may be dealing with and helps develop a treatment plan to improve the intimacy in your relationship.

Dr. Pam also treats your partner. This is the only way she can get a true picture of what’s going on. Dr. Pam understands the health and sexual issues that men face as they get older, too.

The goal of medical sex therapy with Dr. Pam is to give you and your partner the knowledge to improve communication.

Are there medications for women to improve libido?

Dr. Pam offers a number of treatments for women to help improve libido. This includes hormone replacement therapy for women going through menopause to improve vaginal discomfort and health.

Dr. Pam may also suggest the only FDA approved medication for low libido in women, Addyi®. However, Addyi isn’t recommended for women who’ve gone through menopause.

In addition to medication, Dr. Pam also offers MonaLisa Touch®, which is a vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment system for women with vaginal dryness, itchiness, or discomfort. Treatment restores vaginal health to improve sensitivity and lubrication.  

To begin medical sex therapy with Dr. Pam, call today or book an appointment online.