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Why Should I Use a Vaginal Moisturizer?


There are several vaginal moisturizers that can be used just like you would use regular moisturizers on your face, hands, or body.  These are safe, non-hormonal products that work well for mild symptoms. 

These are different than using lubricants for vaginal intercourse.  Lubrication is the introduction of any of substance between sliding surfaces to reduce wear and friction.

They are intended for use multiple times per week or even daily.  You wouldn’t consider putting lotion on your hands just once a week and expect the skin on your hands to be soft and pliable.  Most women put lotion on their hands many times per day.  Granted, the skin of your hands is exposed to soap and air all the time, but you get the picture. 

Only you can take care of your vagina.  Some examples of these products are:  Just Like Me, Replens, Hyalo-gyn, and Luvena.  These products help with dryness and pliability.