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What Is An Orgasm?


Many women of all ages come into the office and want to ask questions about orgasms. 

They think that they are not normal because they can only have an orgasm via clitoral stimulation.  I tell them that not only is it normal, but as you get older, and especially after menopause, it may be the only way. 

And, it takes longer to even achieve orgasm that way.   After they get comfortable with the conversation, many admit that they have never really had an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. 

This is normal.  It is just something that we find hard to admit.

In our society, entertainment outlets, cable television, the Internet, and movies today, we are subjected to watching people having intercourse whether we want to or not.  I suspect that watching women have these massive orgasms every time they have intercourse makes us feel inadequate if we don’t respond the same way. 

The fact of the matter is, what happens in your own bedroom is probably much more the normal response than what we see actors portraying.