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My Dear Potential Patient,

On January 1, 2018, I opened a new type of medical practice.   This is the type of medical care that I envisioned providing to my patients when I went to medical school.  

This new practice model that is taking the country by storm and is called, "Direct Primary Care;" there are now 15 such practices in the Tri-County area.  In my opinion, Direct Primary Care is what healthcare will look like in the future.  Basically, the insurance company is left out of the equation...which leaves the patient and the doctor to contract between themselves.  ​

You may want to call this type of practice a "Concierge Practice," and I have to agree that it is similar.   In a concierge practice, the patient pays for a "spot" in the practice and THEN uses their insurance to pay the physician. 

In Direct Primary Care, your fee is your payment for ALL of your medical care for the year.   There is no insurance filed...even if you have insurance. You may use your insurance outside of this office and for services that Dr. Gaudry orders such as mammograms, ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRIs, or referrals to other physicians.

There are no daily patient quotas or 5-10 minute quick visits.  Direct Primary Care goes back to how medicine was supposed to be practiced...with a relationship that is fostered between the patient and the doctor. 

My goal is to take good care of the patients who join my practice with long, relaxing visits where you can talk and completely understand your medical care.  I can't do 10 minute appointments... it takes me 10 minutes just to look at pictures of the kids and grandkids that I delivered!!

I am passionate about teaching women about menopause, intimacy issues, and keeping their bodies healthy and happy.  I want to help women (and the men who live with them) get through menopause safely, sanely, and well-educated.

In 2019, I began accepting male patients for primary care.  I had so many husbands of my female patients come in to ask if I could take care of them the way that their wives were taken care of that I got insurance coverage to do primary care for men. 

When discussing your medical care, I have the time to listen, and more importantly, you will have the time to talk and tell me everything that you need to discuss.

I remind my patients that even though I have been doing primary care for women for 30 years, I am still trained as an OB/GYN.  If a patient is having a severe medical emergency such as chest pain or a presumed 911.  You can call me after that, and I will pray for you while you are in the ambulance going to the hospital.  I know my limitations.  If I don't know the answer to your medical problem...I will find a doctor who does.

I hope that you consider this new type of medical care; I believe that this is how medical care will be delivered in the future.  

I do have a golden retriever, Munson, in the office every day.  He will hold your paw if you are scared or worried.  


Dr. Pam...and Munson too!


What is Direct Primary Care provided by Dr. Gaudry?​

In this medical practice model, a patient contracts directly with Pamela Gaudry, MD, for their personal out-patient primary care, gynecologic care, intimacy and marital counseling, and menopausal care. No insurance is filed at this practice. This keeps costs as low as possible. There are not 20 employees at the central business office arguing with re-imbursement specialists and pre-certification officers for office procedures.  

There is total transparency with fees.  You provide a credit card to be kept on file at the office.  We will bill you once per month at $300 or once per year at $3000.  There is a $600 savings if you pay for the year up front.  When you come to the office you will receive a full exam, lab work, and access to generic medications.  

The examination, Pap smears, counseling, and one set of labs per year are included in your membership.  All other lab work, cultures, and pathology fees will be extra...but at Dr. Gaudry's cost.​


What is the cost of this membership?


Registration fee:     $100 (one time)   

Membership:             $3000, or $300 per month for 12 months   



What if I need Gynecologic Surgery?​

As a Member of Dr. Gaudry's practice and you need gynecologic surgery, there will be an additional fee.

Minor Surgery:   $800.00 per surgery performed at a hospital

Major Surgery:    Due to low surgical volumes, Dr. Gaudry is referring major surgery to an OB/GYN in the community.  


What if I want to stop my membership?​

You can discontinue at any time provided that you inform Dr. Gaudry via email or text.   At the receipt of your termination notice, you monthly fees will be stopped and pro-rated; here is a 3 month minimum charge.

Dr. Gaudry will provide all emergency care for 30 days after you terminate your contract in order to give you time to become a patient of another physician.  

Can I submit charges to my insurance company?

Yes, but please do not expect to get much in return.  We will be glad to give you an invoice to send to them, and they may (depending on the rules that you signed in your contract) apply this to your deductible.

Can I submit charges to Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, or Workman’s compensation?

No. Dr. Gaudry is not participating in any government sponsored health-care service. She has opted-out of participation in Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and Workman’s compensation plans. The patient CANNOT submit any charges directly to these health-care providers for services provided by this practice. Dr. Gaudry has opted out of all insurance coverage.​


What does Membership include?

This is an exclusive Medical Membership in her Practice of Medicine for women only which uniquely includes:

  • Acute and non-acute office visits 

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • All lab draws and urinalysis​

  • Rapid Test for Strep Throat

  • Pap smear

  • Removal or biopsy of skin problems, moles, suspicious, or worrisome lesions anywhere

  • All cervical and vulvar colposcopy and all evaluations for abnormal pap smears

  • LEEP procedures in the office ($150 fee for supplies needed for procedure)

  • Simple (meaning, I feel comfortable with doing it in the office) wound repair and suturing

  • Abscess Incision and Drainage

  • Flu Shots

  • Basic Annual Labs (Hemoglobin, CMP, Hgb A1c, Lipid Profile, TSH)

  • Menopausal Management

  • Gynecology

  • Pelvic Ultrasounds performed in the office

  • Primary Care for Women​ and Men

  • Menopausal Management

  • Counseling for gynecology, menopause, hormone management, or anything related to primary care of women and gynecology

  • Inticmacy Counseling (Medical Sex Therapy)  which include counseling visits with husband together and/or separately

  • Minor Gynecologic Surgery ($800) and as many follow-up visits related to the surgery as needed

  • The convenience of access to many commonly prescribed generic prescription medications at greatly reduced prices, dispensed on premises

  • Access to Dr. Gaudry during and after business hours by text, email, or phone

  • Extended and relaxed visits up to 1 hour long

  • Comprehensive preventive care exams (1 required per year)

  • All labs, x-rays, pathology, and pap reports will be sent via email as soon as they come back to her

  • Referrals/orders for radiologic exams

  • Referrals to specialty physicians

Basically...the membership includes anything that I feel comfortable doing in the office.



The Patient shall have direct access to The Physician with the following non-medical services, which are complementary to members.

After-Hours Access.  The Patient shall have direct access to The Physician seven days per week.  The Patient shall be given a phone number where The Patient may reach The Physician directly for guidance regarding concerns that arise unexpectedly after office hours.  Video chat and text messaging may be utilized when The Patient or The Physician feels that it is appropriate. 

E-Mail Access.  The Patient shall be given The Physician’s e-mail address to which non-urgent communications can be addressed.  Such communications shall be dealt with by The Physician or staff member of The Center in a timely manner.  The Patient understands and agrees that e-mail and the internet should never be used to access medical care in the event of an emergency, or any situation that The Patient could reasonably expect may develop into an emergency.  You agree that there are times when The Patient cannot speak to The Physician immediately in person or by telephone, and that The Patient will call 911 or go to the nearest emergency medical assistance provider, and follow the directions of emergency medical personnel.

Appointments.  Reasonable effort shall be made to assure that The Patient is seen by the Physician as soon as possible after arriving for a scheduled office visit.  If The Center or The Physician foresees more than a minimal wait time, The Patient shall be contacted and advised of the projected wait time.  Every reasonable effort shall be made to schedule an appointment with The Physician on the same or next normal business day.  Visits deemed urgent by The Patient after hours will be accommodated as best as possible. 

Specialists Coordination.  The Center and The Physician shall coordinate with medical specialists to whom The Patient is referred to assist The Patient in obtaining specialty care.  The Patient understands that fees paid under this Agreement do not include and do not cover specialist’s fees or fees due to any medical professional other than The Center’s Physician: Pamela G. Gaudry, MD.