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What Does Post-Menopausal Mean?


Postmenopause refers to the years in a woman’s life after the final menstrual period.  It implies permanent cessation of menstrual periods and the complete inability to conceive a child.  The average age of natural menopause in the Western world is age 51. 

It is normal to go through menopause anywhere from 40 to 60 years of age. Because of the increasing life expectancy over the last 50 years.  Most women can expect to live up to 1/3 of their lives as a Post-menopausal woman.   

In 1998, there were more than 477 million post-menopausal women in the world and about 9% were expected to live to the age of 80.  By the year 2025, it is predicted that 1.1 billion women will be post-menopausal worldwide.