Letter to My Patients


My Dear Patient,    

In January 2018, I decided to go into private practice with a non-insurance cash-only practice.  This is a wonderful and new medical practice model called, "Direct Primary Care." My office is within “The Village” at The Landings on Skidaway Island. I have ‘Admitting’ and ‘Surgical’ privileges for both Candler and Memorial Hospitals.

My new practice model will allow me to care for patients the way that I have always done - with empathy, care, and compassion. I will not be accepting any commercial insurance, Medicaid, Tricare, or Medicare.  This is not health insurance.   This practice model does not yet count as health insurance on your taxes. It is no longer a federal law of the United States of America to carry health insurance, but you should have some type of catastrophic health insurance at a minimum.

This practice model is a membership plan similar to a gym membership.  You must register on this website to become a patient.

There is a one-time $100 registration fee for everyone.

A patient must pay $200 per month (or a $2000 one-time payment - for the entire year -  $400 savings) for his or her care: primary care for men or women, menopausal care, or intimacy counseling. If you need surgery, you must be on the membership plan. There is an administrative fee for surgery. Please see the “Services Provided” tab under Membership in the above menu. The membership contract is available on this website for you to review.

With your medical membership, you will get a private cell phone number and e-mail address for me that is attached to your electronic medical record.   

After your consent to contact via text or email, all of your results will be emailed directly to you, and you will be able to contact me directly.  

I am only going to accept 500 patients into the membership.  

I take call with the following physicians:

Karen Baker, MD

Francisco Dueno, MD  

There is no answering service associated with this practice.  After hours, my patients will contact me on my special practice-associated phone number.  If I am out of town and you need to see a physician, I will call them for you. If they see you for an emergency, you will have to use your insurance to pay them.  They are not participating in the Direct Primary Care model.

I have hired a wonderful, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable woman, Anita, to help with my practice.  She has been in gynecologic and internal medicine offices for years and knows about all aspects of this practice.  Anita can answer any and all questions about the practice or the type of medical care provided. Please call if you have specific questions or concerns.  ​

​My retail store located in the office is open daily for women and men to purchase intimate items privately, safely, and conveniently.  A catalog is available in the store to order items not kept in stock. If you do not feel comfortable ordering from the store, all products are available in my on-line store, Sophisticated Menopause.  There is a link to the store on the above menu.

I welcome you to my practice.   To my existing patients that have stayed the course through multiple name-changes, office locations, and practice models:  I am humbled and honored by your loyalty. As you know, I consider you a part of my family. I will continue to do my best to take care of you with compassion, empathy, and love to the best of my ability.


Fax: 912-335-7897

E-mail: drpam@menopausalmedicine.com

USPS: 15 Lake Street, Suite 160, Savannah, GA. 31411


Dr. Pam

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