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Gynecologic Surgery


Minor Gynecologic Surgery

  • Uterine Dilation and Curettage


  • Hysteroscopy and/or Uterine Ablation


  • Removal of uterine polyps


  • LEEP procedures that have to be done in the hospital


  • Perineoplasty (Vulvar reconstructive surgery)


  • Excision of vulvar or vaginal lesions


  • Laparoscopy – or anything that is done with a laparoscope besides hysterectomy


  • Tubal Ligations


Major Gynecologic Surgery     

  • Major surgery is no longer performed by Dr. Gaudry.



All pre-operative and post-operative visits are included in your administrative fee.

There will be an $800 fee for minor surgery.

Major Surgical procedures are no longer performed.