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Low Libido and Loss of Sexual Desire


I know that many women out there are excited to learn that there is a new daily drug available which may help with low libido. This drug became be available to the public at the end of October 2015 and goes by a trade name of ADDYI™.  It is not going to be a complete cure for low libido in women…not by any means.  It will produce a response in up to 60% of women.

Is there a libido pill for women?

When we first enter a relationship, there is what I like to call the “jungle sex” period of our lives.  Why don’t we stay in this period during our entire relationship? Well, we are tired.  We are focusing on our careers, starting a family, and paying bills.  For some reason, we feel that our relationship should take a back seat to all of this.

There will not be as good as a response to this drug like men have to Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra and unfortunately, the drug has some side effects that might be worrisome for some women. 

In general, men and women have a difficult time discussing their intimate sexual relationship even after being married or together for many decades.  Sexual health and function have often been viewed by older patients as a “taboo subject”.  It is not a taboo subject at The Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine.  We welcome change in growth.  And growing to a state of romantic and sexual happiness is definitely up there on our scale. As we live our lives, our bodies change and, most often, it is difficult to explain these changes to our partner. 

At The Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine, our goal is to encourage and promote this kind of communication and help make the transition into post-menopause easier for both women and men.  Men may also want to discuss the most current options for optimal sexual functioning.*

*Discussions will be completely private and non-judgmental. The medical record will not be on a computer or available to anyone except Dr. Pam.  They can be done with or without your spouse.

  • Improving communication between partners

  • Improving mismatched libidos

  • Re-igniting the romance in your marriage

  • Understanding the changes in long-term marriages and relationships

Dr. Pam will discuss the drug with you extensively to see if you would be a candidate for this type of therapy.  Contact The Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine and Direct Primary Care, LLC, today for an evaluation.