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Medical Services Provided


This is an exclusive Medical Membership in Dr. Pam’s Practice of Medicine for Men and Women which uniquely includes:

  • A full yearly physical exam
  • Acute and non-acute office visits
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • All lab draws and urinalysis
  • Rapid Test for Strep Throat
  • Pap smear​
  • Removal or biopsy of skin problems, moles, suspicious, or worrisome lesions anywhere
  • All cervical and vulvar colposcopy and all evaluations for abnormal pap smears
  • LEEP procedures in the office
  • Simple (meaning, I feel comfortable with doing it in the office) wound repair and suturing​
  • Abscess Incision and Drainage​
  • Basic Annual Labs (Hemoglobin, CMP, Hgb A1c, Lipid Profile, TSH, Vitamin D, and PSA for men)
  • Menopausal Management
  • Gynecology
  • Pelvic Ultrasounds performed in the office
  • Primary Care for Women and Men
  • Counseling for gynecology, menopause, hormone management, or anything related to primary care of women and gynecology
  • Intimacy counseling for men, women, or couples
  • Gynecologic Surgery (with an administration fee*) and all (as many as needed) follow-up visits related to the surgery
  • The convenience of access to many commonly prescribed generic prescription medications at greatly reduced prices, dispensed on premises (as deemed medically necessary by Dr. Gaudry).  This will be wholesale prices plus taxes and administration fees (usually less than your pharmacy co-pay)
  • Access to Dr. Gaudry during and after business hours by phone
  • Extended and relaxed visits up to 1 hour long
  • Comprehensive preventive care exams (1 required per year)
  • Access to Dr. Gaudry via phone, email, and text
  • All lab results sent via email with a personal note from Dr. Pam
  • Referrals/orders for radiologic exams when deemed medically necessary
  • Basically, anything that can be done in your hour-long appointment in the office
  • Hormone replacement therapy for men and women
  • Testosterone monitoring
  • Testosterone replacement for men and women



The Patient shall have direct telephone access to Dr. Pam with the following non-medical services, which are complementary to those patients on the membership plan.

After-Hours Access:

The Patient shall have direct telephone access to Dr. Pam 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  The patient shall be given a phone number to reach Dr. Pam directly for guidance regarding concerns that arise unexpectedly after office hours.  Video chat and text messaging may be utilized when the patient or Dr. Pam feels that it is appropriate.

E-Mail Access:

The patient shall be given Dr. Pam’s e-mail address to which non-urgent communications can be addressed.  Such communications shall be dealt with by Dr. Pam or Anita in a timely manner.  The Patient understands and agrees that e-mail and the internet should never be used to access medical care in the event of an emergency, or any situation that the patient could reasonably expect may develop into an emergency.  You  should agree that in such situations when the patient cannot speak to Dr. Pam immediately by telephone, that the patient shall call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room, seek medical assistance, and follow the directions of emergency medical personnel.



Reasonable effort shall be made to assure that the patient is seen by the Dr. Pam as soon as possible after arriving for a scheduled office visit.  If Dr. Pam or Anita foresees more than a minimal wait time, the patient shall be contacted and advised of the projected wait time.  Every reasonable effort shall be made to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pam on the same or next normal business day.  Visits deemed urgent by the patient after hours will be accommodated as best as possible. 

Specialist Coordination

Dr. Pam and Anita will coordinate with medical specialists to whom the patient is referred to assist the patient in obtaining specialty care.  The patient understands that fees paid under this health-care membership do not include and do not cover specialist’s fees or fees due to any medical professional other than Dr. Pam.