Medical Services Not Provided

  • Hospitalization Costs, Urgent Care Center Costs, or Emergency Room visits
  • Hospital costs of any kind - even if Dr. Pam sent you to the hospital
  • Lab-work not included in the preventive care exam (but will be provided at low cost)
  • Pathology costs (but will be provided at low cost)
  • Mammograms​
  • Radiology visits (CT Scans, Ultrasounds of anything other than the pelvis, Mammograms, Bone Density Visits, or anything that is done outside of Dr. Pam’s office.
  • Any visits to other physicians – including physicians covering for her while she is out of town.  Any other physician that you see will have to be paid via their own fees.
  • Any application of medical fees to your deductible for your insurance
  • Any hospital or surgical, anesthetic, pathology, or specialty services by any other physician or medical service
  • Rehabilitation or physical therapy costs
  • Copays for medications not dispensed by Dr. Gaudry
  • Emergency visits to the hospital or Urgent care practices
  • No medications that involve a need for a DEA number will be dispensed, available, or stored in the office (i.e. Narcotics, Benzodiazepines, Weight-loss medication, ADD medication, Sleep aids, Hypnotics, or Anti-Psychotic medication)
  • No medications that Dr. Pam does not feel comfortable prescribing will be dispensed or available in the office (even if she can obtain the medication at wholesale prices)
  • No compounded prescriptions or medications will be dispensed, available, compounded, made, or stored in the office.
  • Visits to another physician that is covering for Dr. Gaudry when she is out of town or unavailable​
  • Dr. Gaudry does not provide any obstetric (pregnancy-related) care except for surgical procedures and evaluation for miscarriage.
  • Dr. Gaudry does not do any abortions of any kind (surgically or medical) under any circumstances.
  • Costs associated with any laboratory analysis or urinalysis or pathology analysis
  • No pain medications or pain management services will be provided under any circumstances.

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