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MonaLisa Touch


What is the MonaLisa Touch?

This is the product that Dr. Gaudry choose to help her save the Menopausal Vaginas of America.  The MonaLisa Touch is an FDA Approved vaginal laser treatment which can stimulate collagen production in the vagina.  There are remarkable studies with biopsy-proven changes in the vaginal mucosa which prove that the MonaLisa Touch works to help start reversing vaginal atrophy and rehydrating the vaginal walls.  Finally! A solution to the problem!


Who is Talking about this?

Everyone should be!  Dr. Gaudry sure is talking about it.  She has been watching this technology for several years and finally decided on this specific MonaLisa Touch technology to help her take care of all her patient’s menopausal vaginas.   It is time for women to share this information! No one talks about their vaginal health. It is hard for women to tell their friends or family about severe vaginal dryness and painful intercourse – then everyone will know that they are not having and enjoying an intimate life. It is embarrassing!  But…many post-menopausal women are hurting and not saying a word. Just like erectile dysfunction and Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra: when these first came out we couldn’t believe that they were talking about this on TV. Now, we understand that it is a medical problem…and they fixed it. Well, we have a medical problem and we have something besides estrogen to try to fix it!  


What Exactly does the MonaLisa Touch Treat?

If you are a menopausal woman, then you know what can happen to your vagina and the symptoms associated with decreasing estrogen levels, the pelvis, and aging.  

These are some of the problems that come with wisdom:

  • Vulvar Itching (also called Pruritis)
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence
  • Overactive Bladder (Urge Incontinence)
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Vaginal Burning
  • Lichen Sclerosis changes of Vulva
  • Vaginal Prolapse
  • Atrophic dry Vagina
  • Post Radiation Vaginal Pain and Dryness
  • Post-Chemotherapy Vaginal Dryness
  • Traumatic Vaginal Bleeding after Intercourse


If you are a patient of Dr. Gaudry’s, then you know that she is on a mission to save the Menopausal Vaginas of America.  This is one of the ways that she is going to do it!  Dr. Gaudry has a recipe for your vaginal health…and one of the crucial ingredients is the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser.  


What Exactly Happens During the Procedure?

Only trained Gynecologists and Urogynecologists may be certified to use the MonaLisa Touch technology.  Dr. Pam has undergone the appropriate training and certification to use this specific laser technology. After discussing the procedure with you and answering all of your questions, she will place a local anesthetic on your vulva and vaginal opening.  After the appropriate amount of time to let the anesthetic work, a special probe attached to a vaginal laser is inserted gently and deeply into the vagina. When the laser therapy is started, the probe is turned and slowly pulled out of the vagina. Then, another probe is used to treat the external genitalia and vulvar tissues to help them get healthy too.  The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes. Many women notice an improvement after the first treatment! For the most optimal results, three treatments over 12 weeks have been shown to be the most beneficial for the health of the vagina. There will be not even be the need for pain medication. Amazing!


Please watch this animated video which shows the procedure in detail:



What happens after the Treatment?

Dr. Gaudry will assure that you are fine before you go home.  She does ask that you avoid sexual intercourse or anything that puts pressure on the vulva for 3-4 days.  Then…you can return to your normal behavior. Dr. Gaudry is always available to her patients for questions or concerns after the treatment.  Just call the office if you need to speak to her, and her patients know that she takes all the calls from her patients personally after hours.   


Who Can Benefit from the Treatment?

If you have a vagina…you can benefit.  Post-menopausal women are not the only ones with a dry vagina.  Vaginal atrophy occurs with Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, and Anti-estrogen pills that women take when they have an estrogen-sensitive tumor.  I have so many women who feel that their marriages are negatively affected by their inability to have painless intercourse. They long for the intimacy that they once had with their husbands.  A marriage without intimacy is intolerable for so many women…and previously, they just had to live with it. We have a treatment for the vagina which may help to bring the intimacy back into their lives.  Women with breast cancer, BRCA + genes, or women with a strong family history of breast cancer that can’t or are frightened by estrogen replacement now have an option.


Did Dr. Gaudry Change her views about MonaLisa Touch?

Yes.  She did.  Many of you have heard Dr. Gaudry speak at local events in Savannah or during her question and answer sessions after her movie screenings.  She cautiously told women at these events that she was watching the data. However, when going to medical meetings in OB/GYN, it became apparent that women were being helped tremendously and professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology that she has admired and respected for years were jumping on board and reassuring other physicians about its safety.  She just couldn’t wait any longer to share this technology with her patients. Dr. Gaudry did her own research and read over 30 peer-reviewed articles about the technology. It is time to add this technology to her recipe to save the Menopausal Vaginas of America!