Why Should We Use Vaginal Moisturizers?

Vaginal Moisturizers Are A Must Have-Must Do Kind of Thing



Why should you use vaginal moisturizers?  I want women to have vaginal awareness.  Think about it.  You don’t walk out of the house without putting moisturizer on your hands. In fact, everyone of you probably has moisturizer in your pocketbooks, in your car, in your bathroom – you are always putting moisturizer on your hands.  Why are you not that nice to your vagina? 


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We have all heard of atrophic vaginitis which is, basically, women feel like they have a vaginal infection and they have discharge and a little burning, and everything just feels dry and thin in there.  But, even without using vaginal estrogen you can help this by using a daily vaginal moisturizer.  They are made just for the vagina.  There are several brands that you can find on the internet, or in your grocery store, or in any pharmacy.  Look into it.  Ask your doctor what you should use, but nobody should leave the house without using a vaginal moisturizer.


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