Menopause Documentary- Love Sweat & Tears


A Menopause Documentary: Over 60 million women in the United States alone face menopause.Over 2 million women will face it this year. There are 6,000 women that face the onset of menopause every day. About 75% of all of these women will suffer from the symptoms of menopause. Dr. Pam (Dr. Pamela Gaudry), a menopause specialist with a full-time gynecology practice in Savannah, Georgia works with women daily as both a medical doctor and counselor. Dr. Pam dramatically relieves her patients from the suffering of menopause symptoms. 


This Menopause Documentary, Love Sweat & Tears Gives Every Women The Information they need About Menopause

This menopause documentary directly addresses the symptoms of menopause. Skillfully created by Tytan Creates of Savannah Georgia, this menopause documentary interviews celebrities and professionals on relief and hard hitting facts of what steps to take to become the woman you want to be in terms of peace, romance and fuilillment. This documentary, Love, Sweat & Tears gives you the information you need to move forward in your life. Dr. Pam enables you to rebuild your self-esteem and feel like a woman again


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