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Is there a Libido Pill for Women?

Women come in every day and ask me for a libido pill.  There isn’t one for women.  Some women say that they respond to Viagra.  If it is working for my patient, and she and her partner are happy, and her risks for taking the drug are acceptable, I may prescribe it.  There are clinical trials being done right now in the Netherlands and the United States on two drugs.   One of them is called Lybrido®.  Lybrido® combines testosterone with sildenafil (Viagra®).   Sildenafil produces smooth muscle relaxation and allows for blood flow into the organs of arousal. The other drug, Libridos®, combines testosterone with buspirone (Buspar®), which is an anti-anxiety medication.  This medication suppresses serotonin levels in the bloodstream; higher serotonin levels can cause a decrease in sex drive.  The testosterone component of the drug promotes the production and release of dopamine, which can help with feelings of desire.

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