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Dr. Pam- Savannah Menopause Wins Nomination- Doctor of The Year


Dr. Pam Wins Doctor of The Year at Memorial Health

Dear Dr. Pam,

Congratulations on being nominated as Physician of the Year 2015. Your willingness to go above and beyond for not only your patients and families, but also your co-workers has been recognized. While the winners have been announced, we wanted the nominees to receive the kind remarks made in their nomination.

Your nomination stated:

Dr. Pam truly exemplifies the values of a physician. She definitely takes the lead in office and in her life. She has overcome many obstacles and never losing focus of her dreams. She has continued to gain expertise in her field. She has dedicated her passion to helping women. This amazing woman has written a book, opened a boutique and continues in the community to get the word out to inspire women all over the world; explaining that their body is precious and they should take care of it and own it! She is compassionate, funny, loving, gentle, and patient . Dr. Pam goes over and beyond to make her patients, staff, and colleagues feel comfortable. She practices SAFETY everyday in all that she does. Yes, you can TRUST Dr. Pam with your care and know that your family, patients, team members will be RESPECTED. WORLD-CLASS healthcare is being promoted in her work and BEST of all, she ENJOYS what she does. How fulfilling!! These are many of the reasons she is chosen as my Physician of the Year.



Memoral Health



Dr. Pam- Gynecologist and Menopause Doctor
in Savannah, Georgia 


Dr. Pam (Pamela Gaudry, MD) is a Gynecologist and Certified Menopause Practitioner who is dedicated to maximizing her patient’s intimate life from the menopausal transition and beyond. She has dedicated her life and her medical practice to helping a group of women that conventional medicine has completely and un-apologetically ignored.

Dr. Pam wants to change the perception that the intimate lives of women over 50 are stagnant and boring. They are not! She prepares women around the world for the exciting, liberating, and sometimes frightening changes that will happen to all women as they move into the best half of their lives. Romance, intimacy, and menopause are words that will be used in the same sentence when she has succeeded in her endeavor.

Dr. Pam is working with medical professionals and celebrities around the country, including the late Joan Rivers, who are helping with her mission to get women through menopause safely, sanely, and well-educated. Join the menopausal movement and Dr. Pam at her informational website:


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