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An Introduction to Menopausal Health

So many little girls around the age of 10 start to look forward to getting their menstrual period. Thankfully, we prepare them so well now. We have all known or heard about girls in years past that were terrified when they got their first menstrual period when no one had prepared them. It was heartbreaking. They needed an introduction to menstruation and menopausal health.

Now, these little girls have a little bag in their backpacks with their favorite pad, a change of underwear, and some moist wipes to clean themselves appropriately. They are ready.

Why don’t we give an introduction to menopausal health for women? No one sits women down and tells them all the changes that will occur or prepares them for the emotional changes. That has now changed. Dr. Pam is now here. I am going to prepare you for menopause. My passion and purpose in life is to prepare women for this major hormonal change. The women that follow my advice will be more prepared for menopause and get through the changes with understanding and much less disruption of their lives.

So! Let’s get started.
When I have a peri-menopausal (age 40 to 50) or newly menopausal patient come to me for her annual examination, I take the opportunity to talk to her about what is coming during the transition to menopause. My patients are prepared for what is going to happen to them. Now, so will you.

Welcome! You are now one of my girls.

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