Primary Care for Women


Every woman deserves to physically feel her best. 

At Dr. Gaudry’s office at ‘The Village’ on Skidaway Island in Savannah, GA, her goal is to help you feel good and stay healthy, and to that end, she’s here to help you work through whatever gynecological or general medical conditions you’re experiencing. 

She will be happy to serve as your primary care physician to keep you up-to-date on routine preventive medical issues, including:

  • Mammogram orders

  • Pap Smear and Management of abnormal Pap smears

  • Bone Density management and referral

  • Cholesterol and Triglyceride Screening

  • Diabetes testing and management

  • Blood Pressure Management

  • Colonoscopy referral

  • Liver and Kidney function tests

  • Vitamin D testing

  • Calcium testing

  • Screening and management for thyroid disorder

  • Complete Blood Counts

  • Screening for genetic diseases which may run in your family

  • B12 levels

  • Dr. Gaudry has several cardiologists that have agreed to compassionately and professionally evaluate your cardiac health or concerns. 



Dr. Gaudry understands that this is a time of joy for many women: they do not have to worry about pregnancy any longer and actually may be a time of freedom from worry about this. Many women report a sense of personal fulfillment, a chance to focus on hobbies or other interests, and improved relationships with their spouse, partner, children, or friends. Lifestyle changes were often initiated during this midlife period such as initiating healthy eating and exercise programs. If you would like a primary care physician that focuses on the changes specific to a woman in this age group, Dr. Gaudry is the one to see for your primary health care.



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